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Hero Brands

Hero Brand CBD

Hero Brands was founded with the mindset of Plants Over Pills. We support the use of plant-based alternatives for physical and mental health support over the abuse of opioids and prescription drugs. We’ve put together a great lineup of CBD products and Delta 8 products that we advocate for pairing with an active lifestyle. That’s our full circle recipe for optimizing our own health and wellness, and now we want to share it with all of you. All of our Hero Products are derived from the hemp plant, combined with clean and effective ingredients. We can be part of the solution to improving this prescription drug epidemic in our country. There should be a relentless pursuit towards finding cleaner alternatives to pain relief, healthy sleep, mental health support, and overall wellness. Let us all be a Hero!

Hero Brands
717 S Brevard Ave City
Tampa State, FL 33606
Phone: (860) 639-6663 
Website: https://www.herowse.com
Products: CBD Gummies, Delta 8 Gummies, Delta 8 Capsules, DMSO Roll On, CBD Capsules